Setting up Pillow Talk

Setting up the app is a simple 2-step process (just for one time). These are

  • Registering the phone
  • Installing and setting up the app

We'll take you through this below. If you encounter any issues, contact sam (

Step one: Registering your phone

1) Open the email "You've been invited to test Pillow Talk" on your phone.

2) Scroll down and click the "Let me in" button.

3) A website should open in Safari explaining what to do next. Select "next". A settings screen will be opened.

4) Click install in the upper right corner.

5) To avoid anyone else installing something on your phone, enter your phone lock pin.

6) Select "Install".

7)  Select "Done", located in the top right hand side of the screen.

8) That's it! You're done for now. Please wait until you receive a new email with the app to download (this shouldn't take more than a day to arrive).


1) Open the next email when you receive it and hit "Check it out".

2) Select the "Install" button.

3) A popup message will appear. Select "Install" (N.B. You might get the message that you need to install an iOS8 download fix.)

4) Set the toggle as in the picture and hit "Install" one more time.

5) Go to your home screen and find the icon. Launch the app and turn on your Pillow Talk wristband.

6) Sign up for a Little Riot account and wait for your partner to connect.