One Month into Pillow Talk

Hi everyone,

We're now just a little over a month into a world with Pillow Talk so I wanted to share an update.

As most of you are probably aware, we have had various teething problems! We did everything we could to get products shipped to you as soon as we could, and in doing so this meant that we weren't as prepared as we could have been for what came next. We are doing our best to keep on top of all of your emails and customer support enquiries and we appreciate your patience whilst we find our feet and fix any the issues that crop up. 

One by one we're tackling any gremlins and things will continue to get better :)

We love that you love it!

Massive thanks to everyone sending us lovely emails about how much you are enjoying using your Pillow Talks! Your messages and tweets keep us going when we are pulling our hair out trying to solve a random technical problem for another customer :)

Soha Feedback.jpg

Wristband Sensitivity

The biggest issue most people contact us about is the sensitivity of the wristband. It would appear we made it a little too sensitive, and if you so much as breathe the wrong way, it loses contact with your skin. 

Our team developed a new firmware version but, upon testing, we didn't feel it improved the situation enough to merit asking you all to update your devices. We've asked them to improve it further still, to fix the problem once and for all. 

We will push this update to you within the next 3 days.


Today we became aware that our shipping partner - without telling us until now - hasn't dispatched any orders placed in January. As I'm sure you can probably tell, we've experienced more than enough shipping-related problems, and thus we are moving to a new fulfilment company. 

We expect the move to complete this week, and as of Monday 29th, all orders placed will dispatch the same day with automatically-issed tracking numbers. Apologies for this completely unacceptable situation...! (We are as surprised as you are by this revelation). 

Again, thanks for your patience whilst we iron these things out.

Best wishes,
Joanna and the Little Riot Team