1,397 miles away

What our customers say..
We know that communication is important in relationships, especially when you are separated from each other for long periods of time. We are due to ship Pillow Talk to 42 countries so far and our customers really know how to get in touch with the right messages  and encouragement!


1,397 miles away
My boyfriend and I live 1,397 miles away from each other...because of our busy schedules we only get to talk to each other for a little while a day if we are lucky, and we see each other probably 2 or 3 times a year for a few days... the countdown to our next meeting is always long as you may know.. we were trying to look for a product that would make us feel the connection we need.  We came across this video of you explaining what pillow talk was, I was so emotional when I watched it, and so excited and happy to get my hands on one.