Pillow Talk has shipped!

Hi everyone,

Pillow Talk is all shipped!

Joanna with the first few hundred ever made

Joanna with the first few hundred ever made

Most of you have received your Pillow Talks by now.

If you pre-ordered  a Pillow Talk and haven’t received one yet, it’s possible your package has been held up in customs when arriving in your country during the Christmas rush. So far we’re discovering that delivering to Russia and some of Eastern/Northern Europe has been more problematic than expected!

There are a handful of you whose addresses our shipping company had problems with (they got returned to us) but if this is you, you’ll know because we’ve been in touch with you directly.

Regarding tracking numbers… truth be told, we’re having a nightmare with the tracking numbers and we stopped issuing them because many of them were wrongly matched in the spreadsheet that the shipping company sent back. Issuing them was causing more problems and stress for everyone. 

Service Update

We are having some minor teething problems and we appreciate your patience as we work through them. Here are the key issues we are currently tackling:

  • We are aware of the heartbeat sensor sensitivity (when your wristband keep dropping skin contact and says "counting your heartbeats") and are working on a firmware update.
  • We know some of our Android users are experiencing a "unable to connect to device" error message. Our technical team are working on an update, and in the interim have suggested the following:

1) Restart the wristband device by holding the power button for 5 seconds. The white led should start to blink again.
2) Go into App-> Settings and tap the “Connect to Device/Disconnect from Device” button to try reconnecting with the device.
3) Stop the app by minimising the app (pressing home), then expand the Pillow Talk notification and press ‘Stop’. 
4) Start the app again; this should have fixed the problem.

For anything else, please contact us on support@littleriot.com so we can help you. 

Thank you for your patience whilst we iron out these glitches!