Service Status

2nd February


  • The is a new firmware update available for your device! This will alleviate the "sensor not touching skin" problem many of your are experiencing. This is still a work in progress, but we wanted to get a new version out to you.
  • There is also a new iOS app featuring a louder heartbeat sound some some bug fixes. 

Our stock is now in a new warehouse! Over the weekend we will be dispatching all of the January orders and now orders placed will ship same day. Thank you for your patience during this time - we are expecting operations to run a lot more smoothly with our new shipping partner :) 

23rd January

  • There have been both iOS and Android updates in the past few days which should see improved connectivity and a louder heartbeat sound for all users
  • We have moved our back-end to a new server which should resolve any other app quirks experienced recently

Wristband Sensitivity
Our team developed a new firmware version but, upon testing, we didn't feel it improved the situation enough to merit asking you all to update your devices. We've asked them to improve it still, and will push this update to you within the next 3 days.

Today we became aware that our shipping partner - without telling us until now - hasn't dispatched any orders placed in January. As I'm sure you can probably tell, we've experienced more than enough shipping-related problems, and thus we are moving warehouses.

We expect the move to complete this week, and as of Monday 29th, all orders placed will dispatch the same day with automatically-issed tracking numbers. Apologies for this completely unacceptable situation...! We are as surprised as you are. 

5th January

Android App Update
We have released an update to the Android app which addresses the following:

  • Fixes the “cannot connect to device” problem
  • Fixes the issue where some users had no sound coming out of their apps 
  • Clearer error messages when something isn’t working
  • Louder heartbeat sound
  • Resolution of some minor issues which formerly caused the occasional crash of the app 

If you are an Android user, we strongly suggest updating your app.

Firmware Update
We have developed a new version of firmware which resolves the sensitivity of the wristband (the frequency of “sensor not touching skin”). You will shortly be able to update your wristbands via the app. 

This is ready to go on iOS and we are just finalising the testing of the over-the-air update via Android.

29th December 2017

  • We are aware of the heartbeat sensor sensitivity (when your wristband keep dropping skin contact and says "counting your heartbeats") and are working on a firmware update.
  • We know some of our Android users are experiencing a "unable to connect to device" error message. Our technical team are working on an update, and in the interim have suggested the following:

1) Restart the wristband device by holding the power button for 5 seconds. The white led should start to blink again.
2) Go into App-> Settings and tap the “Connect to Device/Disconnect from Device” button to try reconnecting with the device.
3) Stop the app by minimising the app (pressing home), then expand the Pillow Talk notification and press ‘Stop’. 
4) Start the app again; this should have fixed the problem.

Thank you for your patience whilst we iron out these glitches! 

Frequently Asked Questions



I pre-ordered a Pillow Talk, when will I receive it?

All products that were pre-ordered shipped on 16th December 2017. If you did not receive a shipping notification, it's because we did not receive a phone number for you when asked. Please contact us if this is the case and we can dispatch your order. 

My package hasn't arrived yet?

We know some orders have taken a little longer than anticipated to be delivered due to the Christmas rush. Please give it a few more days!

WHERE IS MY tracking number?

If we received a tracking number for your order, you have been sent it. If you have not received one, we do not have one for you yet. As soon as we receive it, we will pass it on. 

My tracking number says it was delivered to the wrong place

Due to us shipping thousands of parcels the week before Christmas, things didn't go as smoothly as we expected. Our shipping company had a mix-up with the tracking numbers and we believe some tracking numbers have been incorrectly issued. If you believed this has happened to you, our best advice at this time is to wait a few more days; your package is on its way!


If I order now, how long will it take to arrive?

Orders usually take 3-4 days to arrive but are slightly slower than usual at the moment due to the holiday period.


Can you ship to two different addresses? 

At this time, unfortunately we cannot dispatch to two separate addresses. This is a challenge we are tackling with our logistics partner, and something we hope to be able to offer in time. 

Can I change my address?

If you've already received a shipping notification, we are unable to change your address as your order has been dispatched. 


I'M having problems with my device, can you help?

Please email us on describing the problem you're facing and the steps you took. We can help you the fastest when you give us a detailed explanation of what's happening - screenshots of the app are most helpful. We'll then have a member of our tech team reach out ASAP.


What distance does Pillow Talk work across? 

Pillow Talk connects you with your loved one across the internet, via an iOS or Android app. As long as both parties have a wifi or data connection, you can connect with them. 

How long does the battery last?

On constant use, the wristband will run for two full nights of sleep. Most people opt not to. You can also opt to power down the device when both people fall asleep. 

How do I charge it?

The wristband puck is recharged using micro-USB (cable is in the box). The speaker plugs directly into your phone and does not need charged. 


Is it safe to use?

Pillow Talk has undergone extensive safety testing. It has passed all necessary certifications, including CE marking and FCC approval. 




Can I get the glowing pillow? 

Sadly the glowing pillow was only ever a concept. Pillow Talk began life as Joanna's university project; it glowed because it was installed within an exhibition, and the light helped indicate to people that it was doing something. We have never produced it commercially. (We did test it, but it turns out the reality of sleeping with a light in your face is far less romantic in reality!) 

Do you offer military discount?

Not at this time, but we are in discussions with a couple of military organisations to try and facilitate this. 


My question isn't here

If you need help with your device, please contact which will open a support ticket and ensure the correct person deals with your enquiry. For help with an order; For everything else,